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FIXED 253.70313213 Kenmore refrigerator - not cooling in ref section


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Jun 21, 2011
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Have a Kenmore Ref its a Frigidaire built bottom mount Model 253.70313213 freezer section works but ref section does not freezer fan is not working
in my past experince its always been the Main control board under the feezer section but i tried a new control board and that did not work after more
diganostics this is what i found out on either board if ref is unpluged and re plugged in a few clicks down below the compresser starts after about 5 seconds
freezer fan starts like it should full speed for about 2 seconds then it stops then after about a min or 2 it will do the same thing funs for 2 seconds then stops does
it on both boards any help would be greatly appricated
sorry i was looking up another issue on lg dw and posted this on the wrong section hopefully admins can move it to the correct section
Yes, I moved your thread to the Kenmore Refrigerator forum.

Check for 12 volts DC to the fan between red and brown wires.

Now on your model, there is a door switch in the back left side of the freezer, its on the left side wall where the freezer drawer activates it when the freezer drawer is closed, if you leave the freezer drawer open, you have to hold the door switch in for the freezer evaporator fan motor to run constantly.

Here's the freezer evaporator fan motor for your model:
241509402 Motor

Watch this video to access/replace it:
Excellent, glad to hear the new freezer evaporator fan motor fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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