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FIXED 253.70313214 Kenmore bottom mount refrigerator evaporator fan still not working after replacement


Appliance Tech
Jun 3, 2018
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Kenmore 253.70313214 bottom mount (built by Frigidaire) is warm in refrig section due to evaporator fan not running SYEF error. Sealed system is strong ~ evaporator completely frosted. Installed new evaporator fan but it still didn't run. Checked continuity of wires from computer to evap fan and all checked okay. Also replaced computer but still no evap fan. Does anyone have a service manual? Ideas?
Did you take a voltage test to that fan motor at the fan motor electrical connector?

Here's the tech. data sheet: https://ecommcdnprod.azureedge.net/...product_support/FGU/FGUB2642LP9/240389646.pdf

SY EF--->Evaporator Fan Circuit

DO--->Diagnostic Mode TEST 15=Evaporator Fan

If it does not run, use a multimeter to check the voltage at the evaporator fan motor electrical connector and see if your getting 12 volts DC.

To volt test it: Check for 12 Volts DC to the fan between red and brown wires. If it checks ok WITH a CONSTANT 12 Volts DC and the fan motor is SPINNING UP for a second at a time, then replace the Evaporator fan motor.

Here's another thread I explain about it too:

Here's the evaporator fan motor for your model:
241509402 Motor

Here's the control board for your model:
242115279 Board-Main Power

Fixed! Proper repair required main electronic control board, user interface board, and evaporator. All this cost too much for customer as they're on a limited budget so we did a work around. We installed a 120V AC evaporator fan instead of the multi-speed DC evap fan. To power the fan, we drilled a hole through the back of the freezer to run wires and spliced into the condenser fan which is a 120V AC fan. Refrig now works perfectly although it is using 3 watts more power. This repair I only recommend as a last resort but we've been doing it for more than 10 years now, usually because a necessary part is no longer available or too expensive for the customer.

At my family's cottage we have an odd Whirlpool SxS refrigerator that was built in Italy. In 2010 the main computer malfunctioned by not sending power to DC evap fan. I did an AC evap fan conversion because I didn't want to spend $500 for the computer. Now it's 2022 and refrig has run flawlessly for the past 12 years.
Good job, thanks for sharing that workaround.(y)


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