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Thread: Problem with dispensers & LED lights are not lit?

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    Default Problem with dispensers & LED lights are not lit?

    Model Number: GS2SHEXML00
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 6-10 years

    I have the Whirlpool Gold Conquest side by side and today the water filtration system has LED lights that are always lit green for the water and ice maker but now theres no light. the filter light was yellow. and the water/ice dispenser does not work anymore, but the ice maker is still working, i did an optics test and it was working fine, i'm not sure what i should check next, should i take a look at the water valves?

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    Thats odd, don't think I've run across this type of issue, but it sounds like possibly the dispenser control board may be acting up.

    Here's the data sheet on your electronic dispenser:

    Here's the control board#15 for your model, in case you need to order it: Control board - Part# W10184871

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