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Thread: Kenmore Coldspot 106.56703500

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    Default Kenmore Coldspot 106.56703500

    Model Number: 106.56703500
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 1-5 years

    Greetings........first post..........I found several threads relating to one of my 2 issues, but not to both of them in the same here goes.

    I have the above mentioned fridge.....the water dispenser runs very slowly......can set it to fill a 20 ounce glass and walk away from it and it may take 3-4 minutes to fill it, and the black fill tube for the ice maker keeps freezing. I have to assume that the problem is related.

    Any thoughts?

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    First Pull your refrigerator out away from the wall, turn off your water supply line that goes to it, then take off your water supply line from the water inlet valve, then get a bucket, cup, bowl, etc to catch the water, then put your water supply line in the bucket and turn it on, your water stream should be really good with good water pressure, if not then the problem is in your plumbing water supply line.

    Let us know how the water pressure is.

    A very LARGE problem in the last few years has been the self piercing shut off valve clogging up with calcium and junk! Replace the self piercing shut off valve with a drill type shut off valve. You drill a 1/4" hole into the pipe and install the shut off valve the same way you would with a self piercing valve.

    If your water supply pressure is fine, then its your water inlet valve thats worn out.

    Here's the water inlet valve for your model you can order here if needed:
    Manufacturer part number W10159839 is RepairClinic item number 1389142

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