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Thread: simple gas stove question

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    Default simple gas stove question

    Model Number: 970
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 6-10 years

    I want to inspect/replace one of the sparkers on a burner on my gas stove. How do I lift the stove top? Grilles, caps and diffusers just lift off, how is the stove top attached? Is it just by snaps (pull up) or are there screws I can't see? I've tugged gently, don't want to pull too hard if that's not right.

    Kenmore gas stove model 970

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    I discovered the answer thru trial. To answer my own question: There are two clips at the front corners of the stove top; slide a knife under the top (inbetween the top and the front knob panel) to push each clip in, which releases the front of the top (lift slightly). Then, remove all burner screws (nine) so that the burners do not lift up with the stove top. Then lift the top about an inch and slide it forward to disengage the rear grabs, and lift it off. The burners may have to be poked down to prevent them wanting to move or come up with the top cover.

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