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Thread: PLHS269ZDB9 Frigidaire Fridge not cold but freezer is working

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    Default PLHS269ZDB9 Frigidaire Fridge not cold but freezer is working

    Model Number: PLHS269ZDB9
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 6-10 years

    We woke up yesterday to a warm fridge and a still working freezer. The fridge warmed up enough over night that the cheese was melted. The freezer seemed fine and nothing showed any signs of melting. I cleaned the condenser which was completely covered in cat hair and dust. The compressor seems to be working fine. I checked the evaporator inside the freezer and it has an even layer of frosty white frost on the coils. The defrost cycle seems to be working as well. The evaporator fan is running and seems to have good air flow in the freezer. When I put my hand over the vent in the fridge, the air coming out is very cold and feels like you blowing on your hand (not as hard as you would blow out birthday cake candles). When I turn the temp. controller to less cold in the fridge the door in the vent closes and when I set it to more cold it does open (not immediately but it was open when I checked back after 10 minutes). I can see into the vent with a mirror and I don't see any build up of ice. After visual checks and cleaning I put a wireless BBQ thermometer in the fridge and got a ready of 36F on the top shelf but a 44F reading the next shelf down after the door being closed for an hour. It does feel colder inside than it did yesterday morning but still not as cold as it should. The freezer had a reading of 18F on the bottom shelf after the door being closed for only 30 min. Any recommendations on what to do next would be very helpful. Thanks

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    Seems everything you checked is fine, it should be cooling good then. Give it till morning and see how it is.

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