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Thread: Whirlpool Duet is a Nightmare!

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    Default Whirlpool Duet is a Nightmare!

    We purchased the Whirlpool duet frontloader washer and dryer. It will be 2 years old in March 2006. We have had nothing but trouble with it for the last 2 months. So far we have replaced the boot, the door switch, all the eletrical panels, and all this is costing us more money and we paid $2000 for the set. All this electrical crap is worthless when it goes out. You fix one error code and then you get another one. We have had the repair man out to our house now 4 times and we are still getting error codes. We have talked to the trade partner department at Whirlpool and all they say is "we are so sorry you are having trouble". All I can say is "I am so sorry you built a worthless piece of crap that doens't work". It is very frustrating to have a family of five and not know whether or not your machine is going to work from one day to the next. I even had a guy at Whirlpool tell me he wouldn't have one. The simpler the better. That was his philosophy. I am beginning to agree with him. Don't waste your money. It has been a nightmare at our house with the Whirlpool frontloader washer. Maybe there will be a class action lawsuit just like they have going on with the Maytag Neptune.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheerMom
    I even had a guy at Whirlpool tell me he wouldn't have one. The simpler the better. That was his philosophy. I am beginning to agree with him.

    I have had little trouble with the duet washers so far. Then again the neptunes were not to bad the first year or two they come out. Time will tell.

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    Default Whirlpool Duet

    Cheer Mom,

    You are correct. I also have a family of five and do laundry everyday. It is only 3 years old and is tore up. I went upstairs to my old top loading washer that is about 9 years old & has not been used in three years. It started right up and I bet the clothes smell better than any I have washed in this $1000 piece of crap down here.

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    I bought the Whirlpool Duet in September 2009. On Oct 15, 2010 when the power button was pushed, the power does not come up just a 3-ding sound. Reading the posts online and someone suggests the connectors inside may become loose (!). I opened the top and checked all of the connectors. They all seem OK but it does not help to solve the problem.
    I called Whirlpool for suggestion on the repair they gave me a couple of names. Later on I did a little research on the quality of services of these guys and found out that they don't make the A grade. I called Whirlpool about this and they said they cannot give out the information about the quality of the services of these guys.
    So I think you are right we need to start looking into the class action against Whirlpool for building a piece of junk and not willing to help once it's out of warranty.

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