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Thread: Electrolux Error 04

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    Default Electrolux Error 04

    Model Number: EWDW6505GS0
    Brand: Electrolux
    Age: 1-5 years

    Our Electrolux Dishwasher (model #EWDW6505GS0) has been showing the error code 04 every second or third wash. The code clears by pushing the start button. My manual shows this err to be the dryer damper not working. I have not been able to find any reverences to this problem searching he web other than it "may" be a problem with the upper fan.

    I live in a very remote place and have been quoted $250 (paid up front) for a service call. Since there will likely be two trips necessary (one for diagnosis and one for repair) and then time for the work on site, plus parts and I see this method costing $600+. If I have to go that route,, I might just buy a new dishwasher.

    Any help and suggestions would be very appreciated.


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    Hi Mike,

    This is a newer model I'm not familiar with, hopefully another tech. or member can assist you.

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