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Thread: Samsung RFG 297 ice-maker not working

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    Default Samsung RFG 297 ice-maker not working

    Model Number: RFG 297
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: Less than 1 year

    Hi, I have a Samsung RFG297 and the ice maker is not working. Still under warranty and the same tech has replaced the ice-maker 3 times. The water dispenser works fine, plenty of volume. Pushing the test button on the side of the ice-maker seems to activate the solenoid briefly but not lon enough to fill the tray. It seems that there are 2 solenoids involved, 1 next to the water side and 1 below by the tubing connection. I was told that there is a sensor in the tray, furthest from inlet to tell when full. Is the solenoid at fault or the control board (there are 2)?

    Thanks for your help

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    I'm not familiar with any of the Samsung appliances, hopefully another tech. or member can assist you.

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    Have the technician return and test the ice fill water valve by disconnecting the water line from the discharge side of the valve and press the test button on the ice maker. When the icemaker calls for water, place the water valve into a container and watch the volume of water coming out. If the water flow is very slow, replace the water valve. If it looks good, then have the tech search for a possible kink in the plastic water line.

    Hope this helps.
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    There's an air vent behind the ice-bucket where the cold air blows out. It is the cold air drawn in from the freezer via air duct. The tech. should check the vent behind the ice-bucket and also check the vent inside the freezer compartment. The freezer evaporator cover has 2 fans also, 1 for the freezer itself and the other for pushing the air up the air duct into the ice-maker room. There is a temperature sensor on the ice-maker and cold air has to register for it to start making ice, hope it helps.

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