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Thread: Rheem Criterion will keep shuting on and off during cycles

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    Default Rheem Criterion will keep shuting on and off during cycles

    Model Number: RGPJ-10EAMER
    Brand: -major brand-
    Age: 6-10 years

    I have noticed for about the past 2 years my furnace, A Rheem Criterion - Model# RGPJ-10EAMER, has been running for several minutes then shutting off and then coming back on and doing this 2-5 times during every cycle until thermostat temp setting is reached. While it is off I do hear the other blower motor ( I'm guessing it's the exhaust motor ??) running the entire time. I was told to replace the filter and did that but it still does the same thing. I purchased this house 7 years ago and it seems it just started doing this a couple of years ago. I was also told to clean the ignitor with steel wool and did that and then dropped it and broke it so had to buy a new one and replaced it but it still repeats during each cycle. Does anyone have any ideas of where else I can look ?

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    Don't clean or touch the ignitor element! You need to purchase and install a new ignitor. If your furnace lights and the gas stays on for 8 to 10 seconds, then shuts right back off, then you need to clean your flame sensor with light sand paper or steel wool. You might need a new flame sensor, but most of the time they can be cleaned and will work well after cleaning.


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    It sounds like your furnace is cycling on/off with the main limit. Make sure the filter is clean, and all supply and return registers are wide open. The main limit is auto reset and is doing its job by protecting your furnace from an overtemp condition. Airflow is everthing in furnaces!

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