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Thread: Kenmore 90 Series Won’t Start Set Timer press start button and nothing happens light inside is on

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    Default Kenmore 90 Series Won’t Start Set Timer press start button and nothing happens light inside is on

    Model Number: 110.64922200
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 1-5 years

    Kenmore 90 Series Won’t Start. Set Timer, press start button and nothing happens. Light inside is on so it does have power. I bye passed the start button by connecting the wires leading to it together. I can hear a clicking sound but dryer will not start.

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    Yes, it sounds like the thermal fuse thats bad, that will make the dryer not come on at all.

    Here's the thermal fuse for your model you can order here:
    Manufacturer part#3392519 is RepairClinic item#2986

    This video shows how to access your thermal fuse:

    This video shows how to test it:

    The main reason the thermal fuse blows is air flow restrictions in your exhaust hose that goes to the outside of your home, lint build-up over the years effects the air flow, also go outside and check your dryer vent, that can clog up too.

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