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Thread: Replaced motherboard on LG fridge and now fridge section is not working

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    Unhappy Replaced motherboard on LG fridge and now fridge section is not working

    Model Number: LBC22520TT
    Brand: LG
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a three-year old LG fridge, model LBC22520TT, with expired warranty. After a power surge, the fridge died. A technician replaced a motherboard spending less than 5 minutes doing so. Now after a week and a half the fridge section stopped working. The freezer works and the lights are on. There is also frost on the back wall of the freezer. After unplugging the fridge and defrosting it for a couple of hours, it started working again but only for half a day. The technician is scheduled to come out again today and he already was warning me that there might be other parts that are broken that would require additional expense. It seems very odd to me that several parts would break at the same time and I tend to think that the problem is due to either defective motherboard or its improper installation. Please help me to avoid been taking advantage of. Thank you!

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    Is this tech. LG Authorized? Not many techs. work on LG, so its best to look on LG's website and have an Authorized LG tech. service your refrigerator.

    Yes, possibly a defective motherboard, that part should have a warranty, so they shouldn't recharge you again for that.

    You may have a bad defrost controller here: Defrost Thermostat 6615JB2005C Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy.

    I'm not LG Authorized, but I'm Whirlpool/Maytag/KitchenAid/Admiral/Magic Chef Authorized.

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    Sounds about right. The tech may find a bad defrost controller that probably happened to go bad at the time of the power outage. What may have happened is the refrigerator was in defrost mode when the power outage occurred. If that's the case, the power surge may have gone through the board and into the controller thereby blowing that part out as well. Let us know what the tech finds out.
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