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Thread: Bosch SHE46 runs forever

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    Default Bosch SHE46 runs forever

    Model Number: SHE46C06UC40
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: 1-5 years

    Me again. Thanks for all the help in the past.
    This dishwasher runs forever (>2hrs) but does eventually end and drain.
    I suspect it's not heating (water's not very hot and doesn't seem to dry)
    Is that more likely the main board or the heating element or a sensor?

    I can't find SHE46 diagnostic instructions here or anywhere else.

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    Same here, found little to nothing on a "46" model.

    Might help...
    Heating system checklist if controls time out: Check control module heater relay & solder joints.
    Check wire harness & terminals (to control and heater). Controls have been replaced when the problem was loose connections.
    Check heater resistance (~ 11).
    Check flow switch (~ 0.4). If flow switch is OK & water doesn’t flow, check circulation pump.
    Check NTC (~ 55k @72F) and Hi-Limit. See NTC resistance chart

    If the current is
    ~ 11A, the heater is OK. If the current is ~ 1.5 2A, the control or heater could be faulty.
    At the control or heater, measure the voltage between the large
    red heater wire and a chassis ground or the dw neutral (WHRD on/off switch or flow switch wire). If the voltage is 120 VAC, the control is OK. If the voltage is 0, the heater relay has failed – replace the control.
    To check the heater, turn off the dishwasher, block up the tank and check the resistance of each part of the heater as follows.

    Heater ~ 11 Ω

    Hi-Limit ~ .3

    Flow switch ~ .4
    . A spring loaded plunger closes it when water is flowing, so you must remove the microswitch from the heater and close its contacts to measure the resistance.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Main-Control-Board-661682-01067146.jpg 
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ID:	4292 Control unit Manufacturer part number 661682

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    I haven't seen a Bosch dishwasher that will complete a cycle if it isn't heating. If you have a display, does it stop in any one particular place? 90% of the issues I have with Bosch are heat related, and usually you can solder the heater relay back on the board. But again, it will never finish if it can't heat. Can you do an amp draw? 15 min into the cycle it should be heating (or attempting to) and draw about 10 amps (you need a clamp on amp meter).

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