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Thread: Kenmore Ice Auger won't stop running

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    Default Kenmore Ice Auger won't stop running

    Model Number: 253.51694102
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: More than 10 years

    so with the Water-Actuator recently breaking & the Ice-Actuator having been broken for a while I decided to pull the dispenser off and fix em. I did not unplug the refrigerator when I did the work, just unplugged the Board-Control/faceplate from the actuator assembly & then removed and unplugged the actuator assembly/power board, so I could do what I needed. Upon reconnecting everything.... (first plugging in and attaching the power board, and then plugging the power board to the Board-Control/faceplate) ..... the Ice Auger starts turning immediately & will not stop unless the freezer door is opened. Also if the Lock Button is held down until the Lock Light comes on & then freezer door opened it will stop & stay stopped as long as the Lock Light is on but starts again if it's unlocked. I have already ruled out the micro switches as the issue.... in fact, if the water switch is held down when power is applied then the water dispenser will run but when released the Ice Auger starts. I've tried every combination of holding down switches, power board connected to board control etc I can think of as power is applied to try and get the relay for the Auger to switch back to normal operation with no luck. Did I toast the Board-Control when I plugged everything back in?

    I saw one other thread with a similar issue after unplugging & plugging in the dispenser assembly. Is there something about doing that with the power on that ruins it?

    I'm really bummed too because the aluminum actuator arms I fabricated work PERFECTLY....

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    I've had a few that did this problem, its the dispenser control board you need to replace, here's the dispenser control board for your model you can order:
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