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Thread: Fluctuating Temperatures

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    Default Fluctuating Temperatures

    Model Number: PFS22SISBSS
    Brand: GE
    Age: 6-10 years

    Temperatures in my freezer and refrigerator are fluctuating wildly. Freezer goes from 0 to 40, then back to 0. Refrigerator is keeping better temperatures but still fluctuating about 10 degrees. I have just replaced the motherboard but no help. What diagnostics should I perform and in what order? I see from other posts:

    Check the black-drum inside (compressor). If it isn't vibrating, it is the Compressor Start Relay?

    Take off the back cover and put a fan on it. If the temperature returns to normal, then..... ????

    Pull the back cover off the inside of the freezer. If there is frost/no frost on the coils, then....... ????

    Check to hear a fan running in the freezer. If not then.....???

    Look to see if a fan is running (slow, fast )

    Is there more of a step-by-step diagnostic of the system?

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    Any number of issues can cause a refrigerator to stop cooling properly. Always start with basic checks first. Check to see if both fans are working. The evaporator fan is in the freezer section and the condenser fan is by the compressor. If the compressor is running the condenser fan motor will also be running. Make sure the condenser coils are clean and air flow across them is not restricted. See if the compressor is running by placing your hand on top if the compressor and feel for vibration. Compressors normally run warm to very warm. A compressor running hot to very hot would indicate a problem. Look for frost on the evaporator cover (freezer section back wall) indicating a possible defrost issue.
    The GE Thermistor should read 16.3K Ohms at 32*F. Take a small glass and fill it with crushed ice. Place the thermistor under the ice and add just enough water to cover it. This will be very close to 32*F. The warmer the thermistor gets the the lower the resistance will be,.

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    Ok. I removed the bottom back panel. There is a black round object the size of a head of lettuce that I will assume is the compressor. It was hot to the touch. I could only keep my hand on it for about 2 seconds. There was a small clicking noise and it began to vibrate for about 3 seconds. The vibration would stop and about a minute later it clicked and vibrated again for another 3 seconds. There was a black object that looks like a radiator next to the compressor that was room temperature. There is a fan just to the right of the radiator that is operational. There is very little dust or debris on anything back there. I then removed the back panel in the freezer (the temperature at removal was about 40 degrees). There is a fan behind the panel that was operational. There is another silver panel that looks like a radiator. There was no frost at all on the coils (although at this point, there isn't even ice cubes, since it is about 40 degrees. I don't know where the Thermistor is. I have an OHMS reader but don't know where to locate the Thermistor to take it's temperature. So, what do you think is the next step?

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    Ok, then it sounds like your compressor start relay is out.

    Here's the compressor relay assembly for your model:
    Manufacturer part number WR07X10097 is RepairClinic item number 1265640

    You just unplug the refrigerator remove it from the side of your compressor and ohm the 2 parallel holes on it. Should get 0-1 ohm.

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