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Thread: HELP - Washing Machine Spins but does not Agitate (Makes Loud Clanging Sound)

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    Default HELP - Washing Machine Spins but does not Agitate (Makes Loud Clanging Sound)

    Model Number: ????
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: More than 10 years

    Hello, It started 3 weeks ago when the washing machine started making a very loud noise. I noticed it would not spin. I came to this AWESOME website/forum and got some answers. I did replace the motor coupling and it started to spin again... HOWEVER when it was supposed to AGITATE it would NOT agitate. When it spins it makes a noise that sounds like it is coming from the lower bottom part of the washing machine... in a way it sounds like it is coming from the lower right side closer to the front of the washing machine (on the bottom). The noise sounds like something is about to break. When I watch the agitator (it is not spinning) it very slightly moves every now in then... seems to do this very slight movement only when the noise happens..

    I hope it is not the transmission / gear case. Could it possibly be the clutch? What does the clutch do? It is sad, but we do not have the money to replace the washer right now, nor do we have the money to buy a new transmission/gear case. I have looked online but have not found this following answer --> Is it a horrible idea or is it possible for me to take the gearcase apart... try to fix it? I know this is probably a stupid idea.

    So first of all thank you for your time in reading this and replying. My questions are; What do you think about the above? Don't you think that the motor coupling breaking was a result of some other problem in the washing machine? If so... what? Thanks for your help!!

    Also... I know I am an idiot for trying to fix such an old of washing machine. There is no model number on the machine or numbers that I could see... it is a Whirlpool top load.


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    Added History to the above post. I have replaced the motor coupling (two kogs and rubber center piece) this fixed the NOT spinning problem... when I replaced them.. the washing machine will now spin... but will not agitate.. Everything else works... the pump... pumps the water out and so on...

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    Yes, based on that information it sounds like the gearcase is shot.

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