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Thread: KitchenAid washer wont Spin, agitates slowly

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    Default KitchenAid washer wont Spin, agitates slowly

    Model Number: KAWS700jq4
    Brand: KitchenAid
    Age: 6-10 years

    I searched but couldn't find an answer. A week ago our washing machine stopped spinning or agitating. I tracked it down to a destroyed coupler I replaced it and it spun and agitated. However it agitated slowly, but spun at a normal speed. Today it stopped spinning again. I checked it without taking it apart and it seems to be good. What would cause the agitator to turn slowly? Tomorrow I'm gonna double check the coupler. What else should i look at?

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    First remove the agitator and see if anything is caught under it. If the coupler is broken again you may have a bad transmission. If it's still good, check to be sure you got both of the plastic parts of the coupler all the way on the shafts. They should be flush with both shaft ends. If it's not pumping the water out or if it's not pumping it out very fast, remove the pump from the motor and see if something is caught inside it. If you take the motor off the transmission you should be able to turn the transmission in both directions using the plastic coupler part on the shaft. One direction is spin the other is agitate. When it comes to the agitation, that's all transmission providing nothing is hanging the transmission shaft up. The only thing that sits on it is the agitator. The transmission shaft goes up through the clutch and spin tube. There's a couple bearings in the spin tube but they never go out. So, if you can't turn the transmission by hand fairly easy, remove the 3 transmission bolts and pull the transmission out. Try turning it again when it's out. If it turns OK, look at he basket drive and brake and clutch for what might be hanging it up. It you still can't turn the transmission after it's out, well, time for a new machine. I'm having you concentrate on the slow agitate rather than the no spin because I think once you figure the slow agitate the no spin will be related. If you run into ay problems just ask.

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