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Thread: door gasket for imperial hd commercial freezer

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    Smile door gasket for imperial hd commercial freezer

    Model Number: UL2493ECW5
    Brand: other
    Age: More than 10 years

    Hi, I have a old imperial heavy duty commercial freezer. The door gasket must need replacing as the door is hard to open. Ice crystals have formed all around the door opening. It's an incredible freezer so I want to fix the problem. It's. Model # UL2493ECW5.
    I looked up that model number on ur website and 2 different gaskets are priced $ range of approximately 75.00 to 135.000.
    How do I know which one fits my freezer. Would love the lower priced one. But I want the right part. To keep my freezer going
    Which part fits my freezer. Help.

    Thank you.

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    Does the door seem heavy and hard to open? I have seen many get all iced up inside the door and cause the door panel to also crack, check the door panel first, check under the inside door gasket lip to see the door liner if its cracked all around it.

    Looks like they have an original door gasket and a substitute which is the lower priced one, it measures the same as the original, so it should be fine:
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