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Thread: Dryer will not start

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    Default Dryer will not start

    I purchased a new frigidaire dryer a few months ago. I am getting an error on my display that says E9E. I have a new front loading electrical dryer. The model is GLEQ2152E. Please help I have called for service but they are not able to come out till the end of the week. I hope someone can help, and I hope it is a small minor error.

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    Don't try to fix it yourself under warranty, or they could void it.

    Just try to unplug it for a few minutes, then plug it back in to see if that resets it.

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    Good advice...generally.
    And in Josie's case, it worked---they replaced the computer and all has been well.
    In my case, our dryer (exact same model) wouldn't start. Pressing "Start" only returned "LOC" on the display.
    NOWHERE in the manuals did it explain what to do if the display says "LOC", though the manual did list 3 error codes...
    I downloaded an updated manual from Frigidaire.
    It listed perhaps a dozen error codes and instructed how to get to them...generally.
    I tried it.
    The result was Error Code "E9E".
    So, after getting from Josie what the result there was, I scheduled a service person to come out---after all, it's been only 8mos and this should be under warranty right?.
    Well, this morning the service guy came out.
    After pressing buttons, opening and closing the dryer door and checking the door lock, he asked if I could get the owner's manual.
    "Sure", I said, doubtful that this would help in any way and now feeling certain that this problem would NOT get fixed today if indeed it needed a NEW computer.
    Back down the basement I go with the manual.
    "Here you go", I said.
    Meanwhile, I noticed the dryer was running...
    "Huh, you fixed it?", I asked.
    "No", he carefully said, "It wasn't broken".
    "Okay, if it wasn't broken, then how did you get it to work?", I asked.
    "I pressed these 2 buttons, which unlocked the child protect lock", he offered.
    "Uh, and I was supposed to know to press these 2 buttons if the display says LOC?", I asked.

    This went on and on.
    I asked to be shown where in the manual it showed what to do if the dryer displays a LOC message.
    He couldn't find it.
    We did see the section where it describes how to ENABLE the child protect feature, but it doesn't anywhere refer to seeing any LOC message.

    So he then presents me with an $81 service bill.
    "But it's under warranty", I protested.
    "Yes, but you signed here that you'd be responsible for any service calls that result in finding the device isn't broken".

    I continued to protest---"How could I be responsible to know what to do when the dryer displays 'LOC' when there's no documentation anywhere, not here, not at FRIGIDAIRE's website, not on ApplianceBlog, or anywhere explaining what this message or error code 'E9E' is?"

    Appliance guy leaves without a check.
    Two minutes later his boss calls demaning I pay the $81 and referring to the fact that the service guy didn't service anything. I point out the lack of adequacy of the manual and the fact that the service guy wasn't prepared to fix anything anyway (no parts, tools or anything).
    "Doesn't matter sir, you agreed to pay..."---mantra, mantra, mantra.
    "I want to speak with your boss", I said.
    "Okay sir". A minute later: "Can he call you back sir?"
    "Sure, if you'd like---I don't care either way---but I'm not going to pay for something that wasn't explained how to do".
    "Okay sir. But we can't be responsible for the adequacy of the manual and we can't bill Frigidaire for this."
    "That's should not be my problem if you ever want me to buy from you again", I offer finally.

    So I'm glad that the dryer works and it didn't require parts.
    But (1) Standard TV & Appliance should have been able to address this over the phone without a service call and they did not, (2) Customer should not be responsible for service calls resulting from owners manuals which are inadequate to deal with a critical situation, (3) Standard TV & Appliance should realize that to fight a repeat customer over a $81 short service call when the customer is right is BAD BUSINESS, (4) Frigidaire should update its manuals to address something as basic as what to do if someone accidentally presses the child lockout and LOC gets displayed.

    The internet and Frigidaire's website, were of no help on this error.
    But the dryer now works.

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