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Thread: Freezer ice cold but no air flow going into fridge

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    Default Freezer ice cold but no air flow going into fridge

    Model Number: 106.53252202
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 6-10 years

    I checked the owners manual for my side-by-side fridge, it states that air flows from the freezer in to the fridge through the top vent and then cycles back to the freezer through the bottom vent. I noticed that my freezer is extremely cold but no air coming into the fridge. I checked the diffuser vent at the top and nothing was coming in. I successfully removed it and noticed that it was closed, really cold on the side of the freezer.

    When I manually opened and closed the vent, it moved and didn't seem stuck. I plugged it back in to the control board and just laid it in the fridge. left it for a few hours and noticed that it closed again but did not open. So it doesn't seem to have the issue of closing but just doesn't open. Could it just be that the diffuser is failing or could it be the thermistor?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    From that information, sounds like a bad air diffuser, I've changed many air diffusers for this problem.

    Here's the air diffuser for your model you can order here:
    Manufacturer's Number: 2216112


    If I was you I'd replace both the air diffuser and thermistor, since the thermistor is in the same location as the air diffuser, and they both work together.

    Here's the thermistor for your model you can order here:
    WHIRLPOOL 2188819 Thermistor, AP3745265 |

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