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Thread: Frigidaire Affinity E5E

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    Default Frigidaire Affinity E5E

    Model Number: LAFW3511KB0
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    When I turn the washer on and start a cycle, it will add water for a few seconds then shut off. It does this a few times and then it does nothing else. Its like it freezes. I turned it to the spin cycle and the pump comes on and drains water out, but the tub does not spin. I ran the diagnostics and it came up with E5E. I have been looking around the forum and I was wondering what I need to do from here. Any help please!!

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    E5E Communication problem. Refer to test (11).

    Test 11: 1. Communication problem. Check the wiring between the control board and the speed control board.

    Solution: Wiring bad: Correct wiring problem.
    Wiring good: Replace the control board.

    If the problem is not corrected, replace the speed control board.

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