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Thread: Enviro Plus 90 Comfortmaker Furnace - Exhaust Blower Motor Sticking (Draft Inducer)

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    Default Enviro Plus 90 Comfortmaker Furnace - Exhaust Blower Motor Sticking (Draft Inducer)

    My furnace just recently stopped working. I smelt something strange and opened the furnace door and heard a humming sound coming from the Exhaust Blower. Turned the furnace off and checked to see if the motor wheel was stuck (see image). I managed to turn the motor wheel with a screwdriver (red arrow) and there is some sticking. After I spun it a few times, I turned the furnace back on and the Exhaust Blower started, but with a slight grinding noise. After full windup, the blower sounds fine, and furnace continues to operate normally.

    In the past there was some water damage that occurred in this area of the furnace from the previous owner (also notice in the image). I am thinking maybe I don't need a new Combustion Blower Motor, but instead maybe just need to partially take a part the motor and make sure the internal electrical interface surfaces are clear of debris, etc.

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