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Thread: self cleaning lock is stuck and oven door wont shut on electric range

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    Default self cleaning lock is stuck and oven door wont shut on electric range

    Model Number: TEF352CHSA
    Brand: Tappan
    Age: More than 10 years

    I accidently tapped clean on control panel rather than broil and so self cleaning lock came down and now can't close oven and can't turn on oven and display says "dr" when I try to cook. Is there a way to get the oven lock to go back into place so I can close and operate oven?

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    Something that may help...

    If you've interrupted the clean cycle or have accidentally set the clean cycle with the oven door open, the latch may have engaged and now the door can't be closed because it will hit the latch. There may be a door activated* switch on the front face of the oven. In this case you may need to manually press that door switch with your finger while at the same time canceling the clean cycle to get the latch to retract so the door can close fully again.
    *On -some- Frigidaire built ranges, the switch is located behind the right hand side panel and activated by the right hand door hinge. On these models, the side panel may need to be removed to access a malfunctioning door switch.

    LINK> Oven Cleaning Cycle Door Lock | Appliance Aid

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