About a year ago we purchased a Jenn-Air dual fuel double oven/range (model JDR8895AAS). Right away, we noticed that the convection oven wasn't working as we thought it should. I had previously had an Amana convection oven that was wonderful, and this new oven wasn't performing like I thought it should. The temperatures vary alot and it takes a good 3-4 min longer to bake a single sheet of cookies. Also, the oven has hot spots as some of the cookies are browned and some are still raw. There is no way I could cook 3 cookie sheets at a time like I did in my Amana.

We have had the oven repaired twice, once for a new fan, once for the control board and sensor. When the repair man is here, he seems to think that all is well. However, I still can't bake a decent batch of cookies.

Has anyone had this type of problem? I have read some posts on different models of Jenn-Air ovens that appear to be very similar.