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Thread: Kenmore washer won't fill with water

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    Default Kenmore washer won't fill with water

    Model Number: 110.21884001
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 6-10 years

    model number: 110.21884001

    i have a kenmore top-loading washer and when i start a wash on cold/cold no water comes out. if i switch it to cold/cold automatic water will weakly poor out for a little bit then stop. i can run a full cycle on hot, but warm only works sometimes. i installed a new valve from the wall to the hoses, and put new FloodSafe hoses on. i got the washer from a friend who said it had been sitting for a couple years unused. also, when i turn the water tempeture selection knob in between a setting then water starts to poor out. thanks.


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    Basic Whirlpool-built direct drive. This is DEFINITELY worth fixing!

    Usual thing that drives the water selections berserk on these is the thermistor.

    Thermistor assembly. Whirlpool part number 3352282. This is on the inside of the back panel, next to the water inlet valve.

    There is also a little circuit board on these for temperature control:

    Temperature control board, Whirlpool part number 3955728. This is normally very reliable - I don't think I ever had to change one of these!

    Good general help on taking this type of machine apart.

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    I'm feeling a possible valve issue myself. If you start to fill and test cold valve for 120 volts and have it, it means the valve is powered. Do you get a cold rinse???

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    Default kenmore washer

    Juan, Its defective floodsafe hoses that is causing the problem. I just purchased them and installed them on my Whirlpool washer and they did the same thing.

    The Floodsafe hoses require you to use some kind of water restrictor or the floodsafe device views the full flow of water as a leak and shuts off the water supply to the washer.
    At least thats my theory since i had the same problem and i dont have a restrictor like the package advises.
    Im switching back to good o'l conventional hoses for now.

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