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Thread: kENMORE hE4T Codes / WHirlpool Duet Error Codes Link & f02

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    Duet and He3t are Same Machine... F02 Is a bad or clogged drain Pump.. Ours was getting very noisy in the drain cycles. Sears wanted $70 for part, but wasn't in stock but could get it to me in three days for another $50 bucks "expedited" Its the same part in the Duets.. Bite me!
    Call you local Parts Guy.. Have the part available, but dont buy it till you check the cleanout.. You might be lucky. The pump Should be about $70 .

    Here is a link to ALL error Codes on Duet / He3t

    Drain Pump Cleanout/ Replacement is easiest repair ever! I supervised and let my 11 year old daughter do her first applinance repair!

    Oh.. I Found the problem.. The Pump is made in Italy.. World renowned for their quality and craftmenship. Can you say FIAT (Fix It Again Tony) LOL

    Unplug Machine
    Remove Three Torx (hex heads) screws on front bottom of machine. Slighty lift the panel and pull the bottom towards you. Pump is right in middle in front of you.

    Unplug drain pump by lifting the black plastic cover on right end of pump. Squeeze and wiggle to Unplug.

    Remove Center Torx screw from pump, Then Slide pump towards and Lift. Get a quart bucket or pan, and twist the drain cleanout counter clockwise to open the cleanout for the drain pump. (Check first, maybe you are lucky that something is stuck in there!)

    Once open and emptied, Use pliers to squeeze open the incoming black and outgoing white hoses to the pump.

    Reverse the directions to install

    If it takes you half an hour it took too long!

    Easiest $15 my 11 year old ever made

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    Yes, these models do seem to get more stuff inside the water pump filter than the other models, but other than that, they are pretty good machines.

    Sounds like your Daughter is a natural born Appliance Tech. I worked with a Lady Tech. at Sears from 2001-2005 and she is very good at doing all the repairs on these models, and others.

    Appliance Repair School 1987-1988
    Star Appliance Tech. 2 yrs. 1988-1990
    Wards Appliance Tech. 11 yrs. 1990-2001
    Sears Appliance Tech. 4 yrs. 2001-Oct. 2005
    Jake's Appliance Repair Nov. 2005-present

    Look-Up & Order Parts

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