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Thread: Kenmore Quite Guard

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    Default Kenmore Quite Guard

    Model Number: 587.14012405
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 1-5 years

    So it fills up and drains fine..the problem im having is that it will not wash..i reached underneath it and wiggled the housing where the motor/pump is located. it started to work but very weak now it dosnt even come does it sound like the pump/ motor?

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    any help?

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    When it goes into the wash cycle, use a multimeter to check for 120 VAC at the two wires on the circulation motor. If the voltage is correct, replace the circulation motor:
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    This is how you do it; Power off, insert the meter probes into the wire connector on the motor. Make sure the meter is set to check VAC. Power on, start dishwasher on a normal cycle. After the machine fills, it starts the wash cycle. Make sure you have all heated wash, sani-cycle turned off. When the machine starts the wash cycle your meter should indicate 120 VAC. If the voltage reading is correct and the motor is not running the motor needs to be replaced.
    This video should help if you need to replace the circulation motor:

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