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Thread: Kenmore HE3T Washer - Noisy Spin Update info

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    Smile Kenmore HE3T Washer - Noisy Spin Update info

    Just wanted to provide an update on an archived problem with the Kenmore HE3T washer with noisy spin as we had the same problem with this washer which was less than 2 years old. We followed the advice in the archive
    Our problem was due to the belt slipping on the drum as suggested in the above archive. The area back of the drum was full of "carbon-looking dust" from the belt rubbing after it slipped and wearing away. We found the parts list online for the HE3T, located the belt at a small local appliancee parts store and fixed ourselves for under $50. Washer is now very quiet with even heavy loads. We were chagrined to find that we didn't get a manual for the washer when it was delivered and so purchased that and the parts list online! Thanks Jake. Carolynn

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    Glad to help Carolynn, and glad that you fixed it yourself for under $50. Thats why were here, to help everyone save big money.

    Thanks for the compliments.

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