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Thread: Kenmore Dryer won't stop

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    Default Kenmore Dryer won't stop

    I just finished replacing a malfunctioning motor today on my Kenmore dryer (110.66822694). The dryer had been not starting or shutting off after a short while. Anyway, I replaced the motor and tested the dryer out without the drum installed. Plugged the dryer in, shut the door, hit start, and everything ran great.

    I proceeded to install the drum and replace the panels I'd taken off the back when I was troubleshooting. After installing the drum and panels (10 minutes later), the dryer will not not shut off. The motor runs the instant the dryer is plugged in, even with the door open. I can get the motor to stop by moving the dial to an off position, but I can still here the timer clicking. Is it possible my timer and door shut down trigger went bad in 10 minutes of non-use? It seems like I'm missing something here.

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    -Sounds- like a mixed up/shorted wire is possible. Something might have been pinched when the panals/drum was installed.

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    That had been my thought as well, so I dis-assembled the rear panels after my post. Sure enough, the dryer started running only when actually "activated". Problem solved.

    Looks like the short may have damaged my timer though. The timer doesn't run down now. Oh well, that's cheaper to replace than the motor was.

    Thanks for your help.


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