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Thread: Frigidaire Front Load Dryer Won't Spin Clockwise.

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    Default Frigidaire Front Load Dryer Won't Spin Clockwise.

    Model Number: UNKNOWN
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: Less than 1 year

    Hello All,

    I currently own a Frigidaire Front Load Dryer that we bought in 2010. I don't have the Model Number but I will edit and add it when I get home. The Dryer has never been an Issue, it is on a 220 Breaker and it has a Double Switch behind the Dryer. The Breaker doesn't trip at the box and both Switches on the wall behind it are up. When I turn the Dryer on it will not spin on its own Clockwise, but all lights light up and it allows me to make my selections. I don't smell any burning and it just makes a buzzing sound and the timer counts down. If I cancel everything out and shut the break off, When I reached into the dryer and tried spinning it clockwise it wouldn't move, if I spinned it counter clockwise alittle I could move it clockwise but it would stop at the same point, I could then spin it counter clockwise three turns fine but when I flipped the breaker back on, it spun clockwise alittle but seemed to stop at the same point.

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    Yes, we need the model number first.

    Click here: Appliance Parts at RepairClinic. 125 Brands. 365 Day Returns.

    Then you will see a link that says: Help me find my model number.

    Sounds like you may have something jammed in the blower wheel keeping the drum from rotating clockwise, Clockwise is the normal way it turns on Frigidaire models.

    Once you post your model number I can assist you on checking the blower wheel.

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    So I was able to determine what the Issue was, it was a Hole in the side of the Dryer, I was able to clear it, but it seems that a Piece of metal came free from the drum and came through the side of my dryer. After cutting it, the dryer spins but I have a hole in my dryer. I tried calling Frigidaire, but the guy I talked to was very rude. Does anyone have any Idea what causes this and what I could do to repair this.

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