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Thread: Kenmore Elite - dryer stops - E1

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    Default Kenmore Elite - dryer stops - E1


    Our dryer stops about 2 minutes into the cycle and flashes an E1 error code (no beeps). It does this at all settings. After repeated re-starts, it will complete the drying cycle, and usually work the rest of the day.

    We have tried replacing the thermistor, and cleaning the dryer vent lines.

    Kenmore Elite HE3 - 3 years old - Model # 110.84832201

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    HE3 matching dryer - essentially, a DOTT dryer in a different casing.

    E1 is normally an open-circuit thermistor. Some help on testing this and a full guide to this dryer:

    This is for the Whirlpool Duet dryer, essentially the same unit. Page 5-5 details the thermistor test.

    Here's the thermistor for your model: Thermistor WP8577274

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