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FIXED 417.44152400 Kenmore front loader error 59.


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Apr 21, 2021
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Due to help I received for this washer earlier, I know how to get the error code which is 59. Washer stopped working half way through a load. It has power but if you try to start like a normal load nothing happens. If I put it on drain/spin, you can hear it try to start draining, then immediately stops. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
So you hear the drain pump start and hum, but not run to drain the water? Or does the washer just quit and go dead?

Here's another person that had this similar problem:

E59 No tacho signal for 3 seconds. Refer to test (12)

Here's what TEST 12 says:
Screenshot 2023-04-06 09.00.26.png

Here's the motor for your model, if needed:
137043000 Motor

Here's the speed(motor) control board for your model, if needed:
134743500 Motor Control Board

Here is the main control board for your model, if needed: 137005020NH
Thank you. Good find, it sounds exactly like what mine is doing. I did try a search, but obviously wasn't using the right words. I'm not sure which were pins four and five. There are only five, so I tried the two on both sides and didn't get any reading at all from either side. When it says if it reads other than between 105 - 130 does that mean it should at least show something?
Yes, you meter should show something, unless the motor has completely shorted out.

Your ohm meter works fine?

Disconnect the plug from the motor and measure the resistance of the motor windings and see if you get anything.

Set your meter on the lowest ohms of resistance. Like Rx200. Make sure you have a fresh battery in your meter too.:)
OK, thanks. Definitely operator error. Note to self: Next time read better. Pins 4 and 5 on motor, not on plug. 118 Ohms checks out. On to step 4 and resistance checks out there as well. So it looks like I need the speed board. But according to the earlier post he needed the speed board as well then blew the board. Your professional opinion is that I should still stick with the speed board?

Edit: for anyone else reading this, pins 4 and 5 are silver, 1, 2, & 3 are gold so it's easy to tell the difference.
Ok, glad the readings are correct now.:)

Yes, I'd replace the speed board.

Look at this thread here too:
OK, thanks. Next question. The guy in the video says take 3 bolts out and the motor just slides forward. It looked easy, but the motor doesn't slide anywhere. Not even with a little nudge from a mallet. I'm afraid of hitting it too hard. Thoughts?
All the videos I see say 3 bolts! Parts List shows 4 Bolts Here is part of a service manual:


  • 26110305 Kenmore Source 417 Front Load Washer Models.pdf
    387.6 KB · Views: 29
Thank you so much!!! I had to watch the video again, and he definitely said 3 bolts. And I think I know why. There's no way I'm getting that fourth one back in. I could barely get to it to take it out. The person who follows behind me on this will watch the video and it will be correct, because there will only be 3 bolts.
Somehow this got marked fixed before the board came in, but that's irrelevant now. Just fired it up and it works great. Thanks for all the help yet a again! Bonus points for getting bolt #4 back in with only 2 minor cuts.

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