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FIXED 417.48102701 Kenmore Washer Banging


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Aug 31, 2022
Hi, Jake. I have model 417.48102701 also...same family I guess. It's over 10 years old. Out of nowhere, it is banging when it's not in use. I Washed and everything went okay this time but now it is thumping or banging from the front right hand side of the front loader. If I turn the knob to ANY cycle or spin, it will stop for a few mins then keep banging. Is this something we can fix ourselves? I tried looking online but people say 100 different things. It's in a tight space so I want to know before we plan pulling it out.
Out of nowhere, it is banging when it's not in use.

That is very unusual to say the least, can you pinpoint the exact place its BANGING OR BEEPING?

Yes. It starting banging in front of the unit behind the settings panel/section. If I change the setting in any way, hot to cold, or delicate to whatever, it will stop for 4 mins. Then starts again.
It's a banging. I tried to cut the power circuit breaker and it was still banging. It was an animal it would probably be dead by now. And it wouldn't stop when I move the dials.

The unit is about 12 years old. The unit is in a closet built around it so I can't grab the power cord (lousy setup). My only hack right now is to set the "delay wash" to a few hours to get some relief.
I am VERY worried it will start a fire from whatever is moving or flood if I use it.

Note, I did use it when this first started and the machine operated fine...it dawned on me that if it was the drain or something, it would have flooded (or will in the future). If it's the shocks or something, it should stop when it's off. But it's off and the the banging continues.

So, is it something about the timer and control panel? It's going to be a huge effort to get the unit out anyway, so I was hoping before the handyman comes, I had some idea.
Well, I have no clue my friend, I don't even want to guess either. LOL

Hopefully another tech or member can shed some light on this.

I am VERY worried it will start a fire from whatever is moving or flood if I use it.
Yes, that about sums it up.

Lots of appliance sales coming up for the annual Labor Day Weekend Sales, that all appliance stores do every Labor Day Weekend.

Banging when off, yes for sure.

So, a real old timer from a local neighborhood maintenance repair place came in and figured out it was the door lock...he still wasn't sure why it was so angry and making that banging noise. But he pulled it out and the noise stopped. He said he's seen similar things like that before and diagnosed it pretty quickly! Good news is that it will be fixed on Tues with the replacement part. Better news is that we're getting a new washer and dryer from the Labor Day sales! Thanks for your help.
Excellent good find.(y) As I age the memory is not as good as it once was in my 20's and 30's, so if I havent seen something like this issue in awhile I tend to forget, thus that's why I keep this blog running full bore and the search boxes above are the KEY to past repairs. LOL

I located another member that mentioned this similar issue:

Here's the door latch switch for your model, in case others need it too:
Door Switch 131763256

Hi, Jake. I have model 417.48102701 over 12 years old (see above thread). Since my landlord never fixed the door motor, and I have to unplug it between uses, can I use Tide PODS? It's a front loaded, old, but when I move it to unplug it the soap drawer is unable to open (it hits the wall). I thought switching to PODS would enable me to just leave the machine in one spot until we finally replace it this summer.

Thoughts? Thanks!!!!
Yes, you can use Tide Pods, put it directly in the tub before adding your clothes.:)
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