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Thread: Maytag Bravos Error Code Sd

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    Default Maytag Bravos Error Code Sd

    Model Number: MTW6700TQ1
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: 1-5 years

    I purchased a used Maytag Bravos topload HE washer. Each time I run it through any cycle, it either nears the end, or stops in the middle with an error code Sd appearing in the digital display with all lights flashing around the cycle selector and the only way for me to stop it is to hit the pause/cancel switch to stop the cycle. I read in the Use and care guide that the Sd is a suds detected if not using HE detergent (but I use HE detergent). I follow the guide that says select a cycle with cold water and do not add detergent. The same thing happens as before. Additionally, the machine does not spin dry the clothes. They are wet and I've had to wring them out by hand, maybe because it never really completes a cycle. Can someone please help or give me something I should check?



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    Fill the washer up with water. Cancel the cycle and see how rapidly it pushes the water out. If it seems to fluctuate I would remove the drain pump and check for a sock or something similar inside of it. Perhaps even a coin. Do you occassionally hear a clicking rattle when it spins? With the drain hose disconnected can you blow through it easily?
    Once in a great while you will have a "weak" pump, where it will work some here and there, but as it heats up it looses the"oomph" to push the water through in a timely fashion.

    W10536347 is the part number for the drain pump.

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