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Thread: Bosch 2042 (and others?) fill valve tip

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    Default Bosch 2042 (and others?) fill valve tip

    I have a Bosch 2042 that was in the house we bought 8 years ago. I like it even though it's a little small. About 2-3 years ago, the dishes weren't getting clean and I traced the problem to a faulty fill valve. This model is a timed fill only so, if the water flow is restricted, there won't be enough water coming in during the 1 minute fill cycle to adequately clean the dishes. The same symptom occured a few weeks ago and I ordered another fill valve. After removing the water line, I saw that the inlet strainer was clogged with a lot of debris (don't know from where). Anyhow, I suspected that the fill valve was not bad after all. But, since I was in this far and had the replacement part, I went ahead and swapped it out. Now, I proceeded to dismantle the old valve to see how it works and discovered that the inlet strainer can indeed be removed! It takes some very gentle prying with a small screwdriver and patience. Once out, I was able to clean the gunk off. I reassemble the valve and will try it out should the symtom re-appear in the future.

    Anyway, I wanted to pass this along because I noticed this same situation (clogged strainer) in my original repair job. I remember trying to get the strainer out but gave up. Perhaps this time around I was braver since I had a new one in hand. Maybe I could have saned some money in the first place. If you have a similar model and the tub ins't filling, 1) it's probably the fill valve and 2) may be just a clogged strainer on the inlet of the valve.


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    Thanks Todd for your good information and tips.

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