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4E code on Samsung dishwasher


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Jun 30, 2012
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I have a 2 year old Samsung dishwasher model DMR78AHS. A 4E code appeared indicting a water problem. A repair tech replaced the water valve and new hoses. There is plenty of water pressure and the water valve is open and the hoses are not kinked. Still get the error code. I saw a suggestion that the insulation in the door could corrode the wires, took the door off and everything looked fine. Looking for any suggestions as to what to do next.

I have no experience with these but I found this...

Flow-Sensor-DD32-00004A-01354819.jpg Flow sensor/meter manufacturer Number DD32-00004A

4E or low flow error
Dishwashers were produced with an incorrect water flow meter. The water flow meter or impeller controls the amount of water inside the tub assembly. Specifically, the flow meter axle shaft was designed to have a 2.5 mm clearance width. The axle shaft was changed to1.5 mm spacing in error. The smaller gap causes the impeller to touch the base of the housing, restricting water flow. The problem is more pronounced where the water pressure is lower.

SYMPTOM: Depending on the water pressure the symptom the unit will show error code 4E,indicating the water level in the tub is too low.
This will occur on the first operation in low water pressure environments. In high water pressure installations, the 4E error may be intermittent.

Solution – The repair for this issue is to replace the entire flow meter assembly which includes the impeller and the impeller housing.

Thank you Jeff for your help and reply. I will pass this information on to my repairman.

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