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Thread: Samsung RS267TDRS French Door Nightmare

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    Default Samsung RS267TDRS French Door Nightmare

    Model Number: RS267TDRS
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    I am knew here, so thanks for the great info...

    I have a Samsung French Door unit RS267TDRS, that is driving me insane. One day the Ice Maker and Water dispenser just quit. I have reset the the icemaker, and get one batch of ice.. I noticed that the same time this issue cropped up that the Crushed ice actuator is constantly spinning.... To date I have replaced the Main board - No joy same issues. I have replaced the front display assembly - No joy same issues, and finally replaced the entire ice maker sub assembly. No joy same issues..

    Any ideas? I am beginning to lose my mind, as the women of the hose are ready to string me up...

    Thanks in advance.

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    A few additional notes:

    The only indication on the display that is out of the norm, is the ice off indicator is blinking. Also, I had to disconnect the Auger/Crushed ice actuator motor leads to stop the unit from tripping the crushed ice flapper on the bottom of the ice bucket.

    And for the record, the women of the house are ready to string me the the hose...


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