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55" insignia tv wont power screen on


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Oct 15, 2015
San antonio
Hello my brother had purchased a 55" insignia fire tv NS-55DF710NA21 june2020 date manufactured and less then a year it stopped powering on the red light powers on solid red or slashing but the screen doesnt power on. It has a direct power plug same with a 2012 emerson 320 tv the sqaure red indicator light stays on but when power button is hit the screen doesnt come on. What is usually the problem with these? The 55" power button does make a random crackling noise around the power button sometimes when pressed or randomly. Ive tried leaving them unplugged for days and still just the red light but no screen will come on as well as holding the power button with it unplugged to discharge any stored energy.

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If your Insignia Fire TV is still under warranty and less than a year old, I suggest contacting the manufacturer's customer care. To make sure the problem isn't with the TV, connect another device (such as a DVD player) to the TV via the same input source. If the other device works properly, the problem is probably unique to the TV. (Just, to make sure it's the T.V).
Now, Regarding the Emerson TV, it appears that there is an internal hardware issue. If you have previous experience with electronics, you can try to open the TV to look for noticeable issues like loose connections or broken parts. On the other hand, search for a repair service if you can. Find a technician.
The fire tv was bought somewhere back there june 2020 manufactured date but its my brothers tv i just started trying to see whats wrong with it i think theyll say its been 3 years or out of warranty but im almost positive it broke within the first year. It has the dead backlight screen. He had disconnected all the inout cables and bought another tv lives in an apartment now he left his tv here that had broke within 1 year on insignia.com they say 1-2 year warranty but as its 3 years and now just discovering this i dont know if they repair it. They should under warranty but hes usually busy.

Whats usually the problem when the backlights dont work? The power button does make a crackling sound randomly in that area and sometimes the flashing red light is dim.


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