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Thread: Water Line Coupling Disconnect

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    Question Water Line Coupling Disconnect

    Help! I have a Frigidaire model #FRS23R4AB2 with the PureSource water filter (model #NGRG2000) and I can't locate any instructions for disconnecting the water lines from the "cup water filter" housing and the water lines. The cup's housing is cracked and water is spurting everywhere. It appears as though "quick connect" connectors are being used, but I can't figure out how to disconnect them. Any ideas? I have tried separating the darker brown rings (see pics below) from the main elbow by pushing down with the edge of a screwdriver, etc., but have not had any luck. Any assistance would be appreciated!

    (FYI - we just bought the house with the fridge - I'm going to replace the water line as well...)

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    You have to push-in on those darker brown rings, You have to push-in really hard while pulling the water tubing out. Don't give up because some are extremely hard to release, may take several tries to get it.

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