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580.54701700 Kenmore Dehumidifier


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Mar 10, 2016
New York
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Hi all,

I stupidly bought a used dehumidifier for cheap: $20 for a 70-pint Kenmore. Seemed perfect for my needs, since I really don't have any issues with groundwater and really only need the appliance for the summer months to prevent mold in my basement. Given the price, I didn't ask too many questions. Basically only one: Does it work.

Answer was 'yes.' Deal was done. Plugged it in, seemed to work. Sounded like the cooling element was kicking in, so I didn't question it until this month. Come to find out after a solid 12 hours of being on full blast with the humidity at 75 percent, not a drop of water in the catch bin. Of course, it never dawned on me that these things work like AC units and that the refrigerant probably needs charging after a while.

I took off the back and didn't notice any rust anywhere. In fact, the unit looks great. I assume, given some online research, that it is 6-10 years old. But I don't know. I unclogged the filter, which was loaded with crap and the unit still doesn't appear to be accumulating water.

So my thoughts are that it is the refrigerant and that it likely needs charging. It takes R22, which I've read is no longer used.

Here's the question: Should I try to recharge it somehow, or just cut my losses at $20 and send the guy who sold it to me a nasty text? Any other ideas? I know this section doesn't say dehumidifiers but figured it's basically an HVAC issue.

Any thoughts?

PS. Many thanks in advance --especially to Jake. This blog has been a wonderful resource that has literally saved me hundreds.