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Thread: GE PSCS5RGXAFSS compressor not starting

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    Default GE PSCS5RGXAFSS compressor not starting

    Model Number: PSCS5RGXAFSS
    Brand: GE
    Age: 1-5 years

    The compressor is not starting, replaced the board that plugs into the compressor with a working board, still not starting.* The strange thing is the digital display in front can toggle between "actual temp" and "set temp".* I set the "set temp" at 0 and 40, but the "actual temp" says "Freezer temp 0 degrees, refrigerator temp 65 degrees".* The fridge temp is 65 by my thermometer (also my garage's ambient temp), but the freezer is 65 too, not 0.*

    If both of those problems (compressor not starting, and "actual temp" reading inaccurately) are related, what would cause it?

    Oh, I ohmed and checked the compressor electrically, it is all fine.

    Thank you.

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    Sounds like your motherboard is the culprit.

    Rick explains how to test to see if the inverter is the problem: FIXED GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Freezer Not working properly

    You will need a multimeter to do testing.

    Here's the motherboard for your model:
    GE WR55X10956 Main Control Board

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