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Thread: Kenmore 253.9287413 Freezer Compressor not running, trips breaker

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    Guess I'm ready to toe-tag this machine..!

    I got in a new 3in1 unit. This time I ordered an SS410. Installed it and plugged the unit in.

    The compressor tried to spin up... there was a clink noise like a bent fan blade hitting it's shroud... about every second. Then there was a distinct mechanical "click" that in hindsight I think was the relay overload in the 3in1 and then a few seconds after that the breaker tripped.

    I let things cool down and then I reset the breaker. I let it run for 24 hours or so... No Joy. Lights and fan only... no compressor and no cooling.

    I see there is a forum here offering used parts... I guess I will strip it down come spring and haul the rest away. In the meantime if you need something, message me.

    I have been working on our fridge as well but I was hoping it was fixed. I'll post that adventure soon.


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    Ok Jim, thanks for the update!

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