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Thread: Constantly beep sound after board change

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    Default Constantly beep sound after board change

    Hello all.

    I have a GE profile dishwasher. It's about 7 years old.

    The unit was working fine but after it should have ended its cycle the motor or fan kept on running all night.

    I was told I had to change the control board. I ordered a new board from Ge.
    I installed it...
    Upon turning back on the power the new board just has a constante steady beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sound.

    When I plug my old board back in, it dosent so this ....

    I thought maybe the new board was faulty... So GE sent a new board.

    I tried new board... Same problem.

    Frustrated and annoyed lol

    Anyone have any ideas ?

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    We need the model number of the dishwasher, and the part number of that control board you received.

    The model number tag should be inside the dishwasher door on the tub frame.

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