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596.63822200 Frost builds up on back inside bottom freezer, cold doesn't go up to friz Sears Kenmore


Dec 1, 2012
baltimore, md
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Sears Kenmore refrigerator bottom freezer, about 10 yrs old, Frost build up on back inside wall of freezer and then upper part of frig temperature goes too low. Also, even when I turn freezer down to 2 it seems to get too cold and over freezes things ie frozen vegtables too frozen in bag.

Several time I have unplugged and let it defrost and it works for awhile and then frost builds up again. Is it my frost timer?
The machine must be plugged in and running. In the center of the control housing (#5) is a small hole where you can access the defrost timer (#12). Use a flat blade screwdriver and slowly advance the timer, one click at a time, until the refrigerator turns off. You're now in defrost mode. After about 60 seconds, open the freezer door and remove the evaporator cover (freezer section, back wall). You should be able to feel the heat from the defrost heater and hear the water droplets sizzle as they hit the heater. If so, unplug the refrigerator and use a hair dryer and completely defrost the evaporator coils. Replace the defrost timer. If you don't feel any heat, unplug the machine and use an Ohmmeter to check the defrost thermostat and defrost heater for continuity. Check the defrost thermostat first while it's covered with frost. It needs to be below 40*F to show continuity. If both check good, replace the defrost timer.
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Defrost Timer WP67001036

Defrost Heater Assembly WP67002135

12001937 Defrost Thermostat Kit

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