Model Number: WTW4800BQ0
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 1-5 years

First off, I have spent the entire day working on this stupid thing and going through the forums. I am a systems engineer and I do troubleshooting for water and wastewater treatment plants, so I thought it would be a piece of cake 20-minute fix. After reading the forums, it seems that this entire product line is crap, and just over 3 years is the designed-in failure point.

I am trying to fix the washer for my grandmother, all she could tell me before I got here was that the clothes would be in the bottom of the washer, sopping wet, but no water in the washer. She also said that the first time it gave her issues, she opened it up to find it full of water. That happened twice, then it went back to working fine for a few months.

In a wash cycle, it gets to spin, does the sensing, starts to spin for about 5 seconds then kicks out, lock led flashing; sets a new instance of F7E1 (It may do the same in automatic test, I think it did but can't guarantee it. Too many attempts). In manual test all modes pass, heavy agitate ran for 90 seconds without a problem. Heavy spin took 110 seconds to come to a stop, Light spin took 65 seconds.

I get stated this morning on it and get error codes F7E1, and found multiple people on here where the shifter fixed their problem. I came up here with a lid switch and lock latch, but not shifter. Found a repairman nearby that had a used but supposedly good shifter and picked it up for $25. Changing the shifter didn't help. Performed the calibration and it didn't help. I got a copy of the tech sheet from the forum, and spent the last 4 hours testing the entire thing all the way through. The only test that 'fails' is shifter step 9, connect to J2 pins 1 and 3, put in manual test and change between agitate and spin. I get a 5VDC reading no matter what mode i change to. All functions pass in manual diagnostics, light and heavy spin and agitate. Tach test passes, drum spins freely, I ohmed out the wires all the way through as shown at the bottom of page 14, and I'm out of ideas.

The most similar forum post I have found is: This model has wire loom along the harness and no inductive loop (and it looks like it just rolled off the factory floor), so the notes from file: Service Pointer - W10606242 (Basket Speed Sensor Fault).pdf do not appear to apply.

Did I screw something up on the 5V test? I tried it with and without J16 connected.
Does this point to the control board being bad? I don't understand how it could even start a spin cycle if it didnt think the shifter was in the correct position, and I don't know why it can send a basket speed fault when the tach test appears to pass.
If the only thing this points to is the control board, a $211 part shipped, is it worth buying for this unit, or am I just going to perpetuate a repair cycle?

Sorry for the rambling, posting while frustrated is probably not the most forum-friendly thing to do, but I absolutely do NOT want to go to bed with this problem still on my mind.