I have a tiny kitchen in a condo and can't spare the space for a counter-top rotisserie, but I got hooked on rotisserie when I added it as an attachment to my bbq, which I can't use at the condo I'm buying. So I'm looking for an electric, free-standing range with a rotisserie under $1000.

I don't want convection, but I don't mind if the range has it, nor do I think the circulating air matches what I've achieved on the grill. (I've had convection ovens, and I don't like having to convert every recipe to convection, and I'm not impressed with the results anyway.) I'll just turn off the convection.

Even if I were willing to give up cabinet or counter space for a stand-alone rotisserie, many of them are pre-set at 300 degrees, and that's not how I roast meat. I'll need it to be able to reach 450, and then set down to 350. This is the cooking I do. Nor would I want a vertical rotisserie, since I want the drippings to baste around and around, rather than just drip down.

So. Any ideas? Besides the $5000 ones I've found? Or buying a vintage range? ..which just seems like a bunch of problems.