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Thread: WDT720PADB2 Whirlpool Gold series dishwasher erratic behavior

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    Default WDT720PADB2 Whirlpool Gold series dishwasher erratic behavior

    Model Number: WDT720PADB2
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a Whirlpool Gold series dishwasher (WDT720PADB2). At about one year mark it started behaving erratically, where independent of the cycle selected, it would sometimes fill up with water but then just sit for the rest of the cycle without doing anything, and finally drain at the end as if everything was fine. Sometimes restarting the cycle multiple times would induce it to run but sometimes not.

    Based on the fact that it sometimes completed the cycle successfully I surmised that the hardware must be fine and proceeded to replace the control board. With the new control board the dishwasher seemed to regain some consistency and for a couple of weeks completed the wash cycle successfully every time. This didn't last long though and within a month it was back to the old one-try-out-of-ten behavior.

    Following directions provided here I ran the diagnostic cycle and noticed that it displayed two different error conditions F7 E1 and F3 E3. This service pointer document indicates that the first is a fault related to the heat sensor but says that other faults should be diagnosed first as this fault may not be the root cause of failure. The second error code is related to water flow problems: either failure to drain due to pump issues (seems unlikely given the symptoms) or water flow sensor malfunction. But I could not find any document detailing what exactly the E3 code means. Only that F3 is related to a water flow issue.

    Following advice received on a different forum I checked the float switch but it turned out to be in perfect working order. I am thinking about replacing the turbidity sensor (OWI). Is this a sensible thing to do? Has anyone else run into this kind of an issue?

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    Hi Dan,

    it would sometimes fill up with water but then just sit for the rest of the cycle without doing anything
    There has been quite a few of these wash motors going bad. That's likely what has happened to yours when the wash doesn't start.

    You will need a multimeter to verify that first.

    Look at post #7 here: FIXED 665.13472N411 What to check on why it only washes about 5% of the cycle.

    I'd first check to see if your getting 120 volts to the wash motor when it should be in the wash cycle. His Kenmore 665 made by Whirlpool uses the exact same wash motor yours does.

    Take the wire connector off the wash motor and use your multimeter to see if yours is getting 120 volts when it should be washing, if so and it's not running order the wash motor.

    Here's the wash motor assembly for your model you can order:
    Pump and motor assembly W11032770

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