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630.12913314 Kenmore Elite Dishwasher smells musky, stale, and like grey water


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Jul 8, 2018
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I've had this dishwasher since September 2016. I've had the problem since November 2016, and have been calling the repair men and google searching remedies since. It is actually a Bosch, stainless steel both exterior and interior. Blue interior lights. The problem I'm having is that the dishwasher does not smell clean. There is a lot of water condensating at the back wall of the dishwasher, after each cycle. Does not seem to matter if I let the door ajar to open it. No difference in brands of detergents, I've tried cascade powders and tabs and finish power ball tabs.

It does not seem to matter what I use to clean it- whether it be dishwasher magic or affresh within a couple of days it's stinky. There are NO limescale deposits or notable films. It doesn't seem to matter if the dishes have been rinsed or if they go in filthy, if it is on normal setting, or pots and pans with dry assist feature.

Has anyone been able to remedy this? If they have not, what dishwashers out there do not smell? Can someone please recommend a brand for me that works instead? I may be able to work some extra overtime shifts in order to buy a new one, I just hope that it's money well spent. This feels like the last kick at the can, I really want to repair it in order to save costs...does anyone have any advice????!!!

Thanks so much in advance!!!



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The drain hose needs to be higher than the bottom of the sink. It's not in the last picture. To save time, installers will often use the same drain hose that was on the original machine. Try replacing the drain hose and loop it up between the two sinks before it's connected to the food disposer.
Drain Hose 00645149
Thank you, does it matter if it is a new drain hose? Does it mean it will be fresh and clean with a new one? I went ahead and bought a new one from Home Depot tonight, it is 6ft long and was 10$ by the brand Moen. I will ask my bf to help me install it in the next day or two the correct style and then update you, thank you!
Plastic can retain odors. I don't know if that is the problem with yours. It's just one possibility and you've tried just about everything else. The bigger issue it the height of the drain hose before it connects to the disposer. The odor must be coming from the water. There's nothing in the dishwasher that will produce an odor until you get to the drain system. The plastic pieces inside the pump and drain module won't produce an odor unless the water or air from the drain system has the odor. Your description of the odor, musty,stale, gray water is a spot on description for sewer gasses in a waste drain. If the drain hose doesn't go higher than the sink then the smells and water from the disposer and sink drain will migrate back into the drain hose for the dishwasher. You said this started 2 months after you got it. Logically, you can eliminate the machine itself. The only other variable that changes is the water and hoses that carry the water.
There's also the possibility that the problem originates from the drain line in your home being partially blocked. Have you noticed any problems with water draining slow from your sinks or bath tub ?
Thanks so much for the information. While I was at work today my dear bf rearranged the drain hose as high as it can go, it is now touching the counter. He was unable to change the hose to the new one that I bought as the original one was a solid attachment to the machine. He was unable to remove it without cutting it and risk it leaking. I have the machine turned on now, it will be about 2.5 hours until the cycle is complete. I have added bleach as well to this cycle to try and kill any bacteria or odors that are lingering in the drain hose. We don't think that the drain line to the home is an issue...at least I haven't noticed this....yes the water was draining slow a few months back, but it was just my hair clogging up the drain :D

Thank you for your input and I will keep you posted, your time is very greatly appreciated in solving my dilemma!
Also, is there supposed to be water in the sump pump? After we have made the adjustments and raised the pipe accordingly, there was even more water than normal, it was about 3/4 full this time? I'm not sure if that was because I added a couple tablespoons of bleach? I will wait a couple of days and if it continues to smell like the rotting food stuff I wonder if it's something else that's wrong....
Adding bleach shouldn't cause anything. Make sure there's nothing clogging the end of the drain hose where it connects to the disposer. Put the machine in a normal wash cycle with the tub empty and when it goes into the drain cycle look in the top of the disposer and see how fast the water is draining. It should be coming out at a pretty good clip and the water should be going down the disposer drain, not filling the sink.

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