Model Number: GA1A
Brand: other
Age: More than 10 years

Trying to troubleshoot a furnace/ac fan not running ( Tested the thermostat (runs) which has heat, ac and fan controls. Fan alone setting doesn't turn the fan on. Circuit breakers are fine. Air filters are fine (relatively speaking).

Cycling the power on the unit fires up the burners but then they shut down after a while since the fan isn't running. So I don't think the limit switch or thermostat is the issue.

I also removed and tested the fan motor capacitor (GE z97f5705) with a digital multimeter. In comparing my observations with various videos it seems to be Ok. I have another similar furnace and swapped capacitors on the working unit. However the capacitors are not identical.

I am not sure how to test the heat relay. When I cycle the unit on and off I hear the relay click. But I am not sure if that is a complete indication of it working. Various videos to test with a multimeter don't match what my circuit board looks like.

Ultimately I would like to confirm the relay is good and any other components before taking the motor out. So if anyone can advise how to conclusively test the switch or anything else, I would appreciate it.