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Thread: Samsung Electric Range NE58K9850

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    Default Samsung Electric Range NE58K9850

    Does anyone here have one? I just got a floor model from Lowes, yet to be delivered. Flawless condition for a heck of a price. I think it's already being the 5 yr extended so not concerned. Curious...the metal tray that separate the 2 ovens...does it do worth a darn keeping the 2 ovens heat separated? Don't really see how that is possible as it's only a metal pan, unless it's some sort of insulated metal. The other thing...I'm not crazy about these racks with the large metal lip. Just takes up space. Could I take out that top sliding rack and just bake on top of that metal pan? Not directly place food on it, but say setting a pizza pan on top of it. I know it'd be better for the convection to work properly, but that lip on racks are over kill. Any advice?

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    Those are good questions, but I can't answer them because Samsung is not popular here in my area, most have Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, GE here.

    Hopefully another tech. or member that works on these in the more popular areas these are in, can shed some light on those questions.

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